Google Play turns 1 today - Celebrates by giving some free apps

Google play turns 1 today that means it is celebrating its first birthday.

On this first anniversary the google play is giving gifts for all in the form of the free apps today.

There are few game developing teams which gave latest levels and latest modes in the game regarding the celebrations of the Google play anniversary.

So this following games are absolutely free of cost.

And the games are as follows am sure they are going to be famous games since they are on the top of the page list.

Yummy Smash Game:

This Game is developed by PlayGearz and they are introducing the android character with more joy since it is the first anniversary.
Royal Revolt Game :

This game is developed by the FlareGames and they are also making the game in a more interesting way by introducing new levels on the occasion of the google play birthday.

Gnome Village Game :

This game is developed by the Disney gaming development team.This game is played in the mars location.And here you can find all the version of android as characters.
It is a pretty good game for  kids and a good time pass game.

Few things are limited edition released on the event of this Google play anniversary.So hurry up before they are over. App :
This amazing app where you can save your money upto10% in real.
You can book your hotels with 10 percent discount and this is for a limited time only.

This offer is by the Google play on its occasion.

Fancy App :

This app provides you a great free service.
Buy something on the store and you'll get a free gift card worth of 15$ 
With the shipping charges absolutely free on your first order.
And this is also a limited time offer.

This is a great way of celebrating the first anniversary by the google play team.

Once again Happy Birthday to the Google play from the Latest Information 4u.



  1. Hi Sampath,
    Yes Google Play is really Amazing with its Games.i really love Google Play where we can download any for free and recently listing of latest Books are also added by Google :)

  2. Hello buddy,
    I wold love to read an article on how to join google play and sell the applications.

    It would be great if you can write an article on it.

  3. I will surely check out these games. Thanks for sharing bro.


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