ULtoo Vs Way2Sms - Top Websites to get Recharge(TopUps) for Mobile Phones

We all know about the way2sms website and its services of free sms. Recently the way2sms site has started a new thing called Free Recharge for its registered users.This is the recharge top ups are for our mobile operator services.But for the free recharge we have to do some steps so that we can get our recharge points and use it.

Here comes another upcoming website ' ULtoo.Com ' which offers free sms to any mobile at any time.Even this is offering the Free Recharge option for the registered users.

How to get Registered to ULtoo.Com and get Free Recharge for Mobile?

Step1: Visit the Website --> ULtoo

Requires an Email Id
Register to Get free Recharge
Step 2 : 

Features offered :
  • Free SMS
  • Your Horoscope on opening page
  • Fast Delivery of sms
  • 24/7 Sms Service*
When you are registered user of this site your wallet is credited with INR 2rp 0p by default for registration.

When you send sms you will be earning for each sms.

For any mobile phone number(except your own mobile ), each sms you sent will be paid to you back by this website.
Isn't it awesome.Yeah that why get registered now. Hurry up Sign Up  Now.

Festival offer for more Earnings:

Ways to get More Money :

The Pros and Cons of the Websites :

Sms Service 24/7 possible Sms Service 24/7 not possible
For Every sms Money is Generated No Money Generated
Getting of Money is Simple Getting of Money is Complex
Fast Delivery Exceptionally Fast Delivery
Group Sms Not possible Group Sms possible
Best for Earning in less time It takes lot of time
By this i can say that for earning money the ultoo website is pretty good when compared with the way2sms website.
Of-course in the other terms the way2sms is in a higher stage when compared to the ultoo.com.

But the thing is that in way2sms, we should share emails and many other things which makes user to leave that recharge program.

But this ultoo.com allows users to earn money at each sms they sent and get extra money when they refer with their refer id.

In End it is dependent up on the user to make a choice whether he/she is interested in the respective programs.

Note: This Article is not meant for publicity of either sites mentioned above and this website is not affiliated to any of their programs and not creating any merits or demerits of the above website's.This is just for creating awareness among the readers.



  1. is there any site like ultoo

  2. Sometimes my account does not open. Getting error way2sms login failed. Actually, i do not know how it happens only with me. In such a situation, i'll open another site such as 160by2, ultoo and smsspark.

  3. Try eFuntoo.com
    They give facility to send FREE SMS anytime, anywhere in India
    & rewards its users with Free Recharge in return.

  4. Thanks for information.
    I will try this website also for Free Recharge .


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