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Sampath Bhoompally is a passionate Blogger, currently living in Hyderabad,India.
He is a SEO Consultant, Skilled blogger, Web developer, Writer and a Gamer.

(Latest Information 4 U) LI4U was introduced on 21 July 2012 and started giving the latest information for you.
Main aim of the blog is to the help the students and others in giving the latest and useful info to the people.

All the information on this blog is used to pass the information and spread the education.Since a saying said Education can be increased when it shared among many.So am contributing my small effort in it.

Sampath Bhoompally  recently Graduated from Computer Science Engineering and has started blogging from last few years and has a good knowledge in the blogging and SEO.

Also a Gamer pens at Gaming blog does reviews of many latest MMO  games, mobiles games & many other.

Currently working on different technologies.My passion and eagerness to learn new things making me to go choose that field.

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