Soak No More..!!

Soak No More this words remind me of  incidents occurred in my Graduation life recently.Those were really tough situations i faced in my entire life till now.

It happened few months back and that moment the time was really bad for me.Ruining all the things which ever step i take or which ever path i choose path it was getting worse and worse.I was soaked in a deep frustration and thinking in a negative way and not able to do anything proper.

When i gave my final exams in graduations i was not feeling well and the tensions i faced, disturbed me in preparing for my final exams.

Due to personal reasons and the financial crisis i faced i couldn't study properly.So instead of that i tried to read for exams and gave my exams but not sure what i wrote in the papers.

I was worried about my exam results.Days passed and passed and the results were not coming due to bandh    issues(Telangana) in my area. I was facing the fear of fail in my exams and made me nervous and went mad at that time.

Finally the results came and  you can expect what would the result be?.

I Failed in one Subject.

I went to full depression and it was like hell for me at that time.All my friends passed and i was failed in passing the exam.Some of my mates who were teasing me for my failure in the exam.I felt really bad and wanted to leave this world.That was the height of frustration i faced and i wish anyone in this world not to be faced a situation like this.

More disturbing thing was i promised to my dad that i will pass in my exams and i failed to do that.I couldn't face him and tell my results that i failed.

Really that was very pain in heart and mentally i was disturbed and could not to do anything right , which ever task i took i was not success in that and that made more and more worse of my situation.

Few of my friends phoned me after the results but i couldn't attend their calls and talk to them.Days passed by but don't know what to do.I was not happy energetic like before and started becoming idle and going worse day by day.

Not interested in taking food and by that even my health went bad.What worse can happen than this.?
Parents were not understanding why was i doing like this and since their request i took pills and took care of my health and got better.

Then i made a decision to tell to my father about my results and went to talk to him but i couldn't face him and tell him directly about my results.So i made a text to him about my failure in the exam.

The conversation went  like this
Me : " Dad i failed in keeping my promise.I couldn't pass in my exams "
I was very frightened how will he react and very scared.
Then i got the message from him i was getting nervous.He's text was
Dad: "Don't worry my son.Don't get depressed.Try giving your best in the supplementary exams."

Then i really felt happy because the way my dad supported was really amazing and couldn't forget that moments and i took has a encouragement.
Then for me he didn't tell my result to anyone not even to my mother and brother.
He talked with me and explained me that "What ever happens it happens for a Good cause".So don't worry my son ,just give do your exams well.
Then i prepared well for my exams and gave my best to it.

Now the tension and awaiting of my results was more than the previous but this time the result was different and you could guess what happened.As per the old saying " Hard work never goes to vain in turn results a good ripen fruit".

Finally by now you could understand that i passed in my exams.As soon as the results came i text my dad that i passed and was feeling very happy.

Then i joined a private institute for learning Microsoft.NET and took coaching there.They kept a screening test for the students for the job oriented program.I gave my exam and i passed in that screening test.The total students appeared were 3000 members and i was in the shortlist of 300 people.Then it was the second round of filtering test.Even in that i got selected and i was one of the final 30 selected students.

I am now really happy for the results.Now working as a trainee in Nacre software services as MS.Net trainee.

Then i remembered the quote,"Failure is the stepping stone to Success".

So my father and friends were saying good work and encouraged me and this word " Soak No More " suits my situation better than any one.

I wish the things happened to me at the tough times should not be happened to others.
In fact i want tell to my fellow students and also elders that "Everything happens for a reason,don't get depressed to the situation you are facing now.May be something is coming more than you expecting in a good way in future". So leave all your worries try to be away from tensions and frustrations like i did.Take care.

What ever i said in this post is real not a fiction story.

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Even you remove your tough stains from your life with a positive approach.
So be optimist and don't be pessimist.I would end my pen saying to all my fellow blogger friends
Soak No More ".

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  2. Yahh congrats & keep going dude
    me 2 Soak no more ;)

  3. Yahh congrats & keep going dude
    me 2 Soak no more ;)


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