"Google Now" New Application by Google

Google now

Google announces its new application & new technology into its long list.
"Google Now" the New technology that can make your living easy especially in traffic areas like in our country.

It is used in the Android mobiles and other high end OS mobiles which supports this software application. 
ExIceCreamSandwich &  JELLY BEAN

Advantages and Uses in Google Now:

  • You will updates get about the Trains , Airplanes timings.
  • Weather Forecast updates in a new way.
  • Makes good calender management and reminders.
  • GPS Connectivity,maps,places improved.
  • Features more when compared with the SIRI software in apple iphone.
  • New Creative Designs.
    • Used on IceCreamSandwich and also on JELLY BEAN OS Android.
  • Makes your travel easy.
  • Makes Search bar with some new features which you never experienced.
  • Makes  your appointments easy.
  • Makes frequent public alerts.
  • Makes Good reports on the movie showtime suggestions.We can go on saying . . . .

Google Now Features

Google is making people addict to its new applications and the technology.
Inspite of all the chaos in the IT market the Google is keeping on updating on the new things.
Congrats to the Google Team.



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