Invoked Marriage OR Called Marriage

Invoked Marriage || Called Marriage

Confused ??

Didn't understand what i just said ? Its the same topic we all wrote "LOVE MARRIAGE YA ARRANGED MARRIAGE". But for some small creativity i wrote the title in a different way.
Since i am a computer science technology student. I want to write this topic in my style.

I am going to say the differences  about them and my  opinion in my way as said above.

The marriage option it is totally dependent on the user i.e Human.The user always contains only few options,they are as follows

  • Arranged Marriage
  • Love Marriage
  • Love-Arranged Marriage or Viceversa
  • None of the above
So it depends on his/her mentality to choose any option from the above.Depending on the input the output will be generated :-D.

So will it be Invoked or Called ?

Generally the boy/girl in olden days get used to the first option but now in the present generation the guys and gals are going for the second and third option. Of-course only a few use that last option what i mentioned above.

  • Invoked Marriage

The invoked marriage is that when the guys/gals get known to each other with high similarities and vibrations.They will be invoked to each other and get married finally with no objections.I meant to say is that Boy/girl will get in love when   they get something invoked in their heart then only the word Love comes into the picture talking practically.It is totally dependent on the both minds of opposite gender to get in love with each other.I believe in love at first sight i can hold to this sentence what i said by a famous quote.

I believe in love at first sight because since i opened my eyes i am loving my mother.

Finally i want to conclude about the invoked marriage i.e Love marriage, it happens only when two people get to full on understanding levels matched and decides to live together.

  • Called Marriage

It is totally an official one and this is done with or without wish of the people.It is not invoked into the people but called bu the parents.I meant to say that it may not proposed by the people but arranged by the parents of the bride/groom.
It may be an arranged marriage but sometimes without the wish of boy/girl the parents force to marry the opposite gender.
Some compromise some don't.When its compromised it OK.But when it comes to other case it will lead to huge disaster like leading to death or not having a happy life.
Some couples when they get married against their will they'll not compromise they will think in a bad way and spoil their life.

To avoid these my suggestion is to talk with the parents convince them and even if they don't agree then you are a major you can do what ever you feel it right,based upon that you can decide what to do and what not.

I want to conclude this called marriage that it is only called my other sources but not by the person who is getting married.Unless he doesn't have a love  to get love marriage.

  • Love-Arranged Marriage or Arranged-Love Marriage: 

This option is the third most followed by many people i guess.It is happened when the two options from my list are clubbed together and then only it is possible.I say that it is happened only when it is invoked and then called for a marriage.In practical the people get to know each other then they love each other and finally propose to their parents and call for the third option what this block has the Love-Arranged Marriage or Viceversa.

Even this is depending on the people's mind if the parents agree the child proposal they'll agree or else the film story continuous not need in brief you can imagine what happens next.

Better it is to understand what the child is proposing and what are his feeling about the opposite gender.It is good for both of them if they agree.So my opinion is that this is the best option for all the above.It will satisfy all the odds and lets the people live with out any problems.

If you have opt for this one i would say you are the best because you did a good and great job in successful talks.

My conclusion is that if you still have not done anything then don't wait go for the proposal and be successful in making happiness for both sides.

  • None of the above :

These is the last option any would prefer and i say it may be rare conditions like this causally happen with the politicians and the social workers who want to work for the respected nation or workplace where he want to dedicate whole his life into that and satisfied with that work.
It may be also happen when he/she knows that she/he has some health problem with them they wont go forward for any of the options above.Like great people who delivered their service for the country.

Ex: Vajpayee BJP leader and Jayalalitha and many more.

My option is for Love-Arranged Marriage or Arranged-Love Marriage :)

I will conclude all the options saying that it is always depending in the human mindset who works on and he/she preferred for his/her choice.I say go for an right option and fulfill happiness in both parents and spouse/fiance.

  • All the best.

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    So you decide now if you got married what is your option from my list?

    Else opt for any option from my list :)


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