Top websites to learn MS .NET/Dotnet in a Better way

Top websites to learn MS .NET/Dotnet in a Better way for Beginners and also for interview preparations.
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These websites will teach you all the basic and important things in whole .Net/C#/Asp/Sql

Today in this IT market again and again we hear the IT RECESSION. In India the IT market has still thousands of vacancies available but the thing is that students are not having exact employ-ability skills.So that's the reason company's are not hiring freshers.

For Example:

You go to restaurant you order for some food and if it tastes bad,you'll not take that food and argue to pay the money similarly when IT Company's are paying thousands of rupees/dollars on you as a salary why will they compromise.?
Isn't it right.
Got my point ?

If you are not compromising why should they.So my point is that if you have all the employee able skills then you need not go to company,company's will follow you and give offer.So as a Dotnet developer my suggestion is that get the skills and go ahead.I am listing few best websites by which you get the necessary knowledge about the Dotnet.

Best Websites to learn/Crack Microsoft Dotnet / Interviews Q's:

These websites are good enough to crack the interviews and learn .Net in few months.These are not arranged in the top order it is a collection of best and useful sites for beginners and also becoming pro's.

If any websites we missed in this list kindly comment down here and it will be listed on to the site.Share with our fellow future IT professional's.

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